Für Elise in Different Tastes – Maan Hamadeh

I came across this video, and honestly found it very fun to watch! It is very fun to listen to each of his interpretations of Fur Elise. The piano could use a very good tuning to be honest, but Mann Hamadeh manages to make it sound excellent regardless. He does some Titanic themes in the second half, so the whole video is worth watching.

Für Elise in Different Tastes

What do you all think of these interpretations?

Happy Memorial Day!


Here are some pictures from our local Memorial Day Parade!


High School Honors Recital


As part of their Classical Series, the Ross Ragland Theater hosts the High School Honors Recital, where students get the opportunity perform solos on stage in front of an audience. To perform in this event, the student must be recommended to be there.

[symple_googlemap title=”Ross Ragand Theater” location=”218 N 7th St., Klamath Falls, OR 97601″ zoom=”15″ height=250]

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These are some of the best musicians you will see in town, performing on everything from instruments to singing. So go out and show them all of the support that you can! You won’t regret it.

Tickets are $15 to view all the performers, buy them HERE

[symple_testimonial by=”Ross Ragland Theater”]Join us for the annual High School Honors Recital that showcases the best classical students in the Basin![/symple_testimonial]

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KUHS Orchestra and Choir Concert – March 17


On March 17th, the KU orchestras and the advanced choirs will be performing at Mills Elementary at 7:30pm. These concerts are free, so go and watch these students perform, it is more than worth your time to do so.

I don’t know what they will be performing this time, but it will likely be similar if not exactly what they will be performing at their contests coming up. The Orchestra specifically is going to Ashland for the SOMEA contest on the 19th.

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Chamber Orchestra Kremlin – March 8


About Chamber Orchestra Kremlin

Founded in 1991, the orchestra, comprised of some of Russia’s finest young string players, has carved a niche for itself under the creative baton of its founder and music director Misha Rachlevsky. Whether it is the highly-acclaimed CDs or its mesmerizing concerts, Chamber Orchestra Kremlin’s warmth and high energy create addictive performances that stay with listeners long after the last note has been played.

Read more from their website kremlinontour.com.

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KU Playathon at Fred Meyers


On occasion, KU organizes what we call a Playathon. This year, they will be playing at Fred Meyers on March 2nd from 12pm to 6pm, likely in the furniture section like they have in the past.

[symple_googlemap title=”Fred Meyer” location=”2655 Shasta Way, Klamath Falls, OR 97601″ zoom=”15″ height=250]

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What is a Playathon

The Playathon gives a group like the KU Orchestra the opportunity to get in and playing where there is a lot of foot traffic. By doing this, a lot more people get exposed to the orchestra and music they wouldn’t otherwise hear. It is a great fundraising opportunity for any group that would like to organize something like this.

Where Will KU Be?

In the past, KU has been in the furniture department, while also playing in various other parts of the store in smaller groups. It’s probably a pretty safe assumption that they will be in the same place again. It’s a good place for the musicians to lay out their cases so that they are out of the way and safe, usually there is also a healthy number of people walking through that area.

What Will They Be Playing?

Whatever they want! There will be quartets playing their own music. They will also play music from the normal KU orchestra group, and there might potentially be some solos to listen to.

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Who Should Go?

Well… Everybody! Head over there, especially if you have any shopping to do, watch them for a bit, and if you are feeling really charitable, throw in a few dollars. Every little bit helps a program like the one we have in Klamath Falls, just being there and showing your support helps. However, it is a fundraiser, so every little dollar helps as well.

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The times for this even will be 12pm to 6pm.

KU Chamber Orchestra and the Klamath Symphony, February 22nd


The KU Chamber Orchestra, led by Brent Hakanson, and the Klamath Symphony will be performing at the Ross Ragland Theater this Saturday the 22nd. A couple of the numbers being played will be a Mozart Symphony and a Weber Concertino.

As stated before, the concert will be at the Ross Ragland Theater

[symple_googlemap title=”Ross Ragand Theater” location=”218 N 7th St., Klamath Falls, OR 97601″ zoom=”15″ height=250]


[symple_pricing size=”one-half” plan=”General Admission” cost=”$10″ per=”” button_url=”http://www.rrtheater.org/all-events/events/event/the-klamath-symphonys-the-magical-ms-concert” button_text=”More Information” button_color=”green” button_border_radius=”” button_target=”blank” button_rel=”nofollow” position=””][/symple_pricing]


That is not a price you can beat for any performance. I highly recommend going to this concert.

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Other Performances

The Coats – Nationally touring artists, The Coats are the Pacific Northwest’s premiere a cappella band. They have performed for MDA benefits, the Susan G. Komen foundation, high schools, colleges, fairs, and community centers across the country, the President of the United States, and have shared the stage with dozens of acts as vastly different as Gallagher, The Beach Boys, Jay Leno, Trisha Yearwood, and Eddie Money.

Website | Buy Tickets